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Spell to Write and Read Teacher's Manual
ISBN/SKU: 9781880045244
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Author: Sanseri, Wanda
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This teacher's manual gives a step-by-step outline for the entire SWR program. Wanda Sanseri, a homeschool educator with experience as a professional classroom instructor and a private tutor, shows how to teach reading the "write" way. Some children learn to read no matter what a teacher does. By phonetically teaching spelling from the start as the backbone for reading, we can teach all children, regardless of learning styles, to read and spell. If your students know how to read already, use this program to improve their spelling. (Don't be surprised when your own comprehension skills and reading speed jump as well.) Our word list progresses from first grade level to freshman level in college so all ages can benefit. With our simple diagnostic test you can efficiently place students according to ability. Our students build words by a guided teacher dictation process. They are mentally engaged as they construct these high frequency words sound by sound. They do not simply copy words over and over. Then they learn to analyze these words and in the process learn the principles of the language in a manner that is phonetically accurate with 99% of the most commonly used words. When students have a clear understanding of the proper tools they can excel. One user shared her success with the program. "My ninth grade daughter had a third grade reading average. I started homescfhooling, ordered the books from BHI and taught her your method. She jumped nine grade levels in nine months!!! She had been failing in public school, but when she entered college at 17, she was Phi Theta Kappa. Our seven-year old reads at a sixth grade level.. We praise God for your materials." How does the Spell to Write and Read system differ from other language arts programs? We combine phonetically taught spelling with reading as companion subjects. In verbal communication we talk and listen. In written communication we write and read. If a student can learn to produce a word from his head to the paper, he can read the word. We teach in a logical progression from the known to the unknown. Even a nonreader knows the sounds of speech. The student learns the basic ways of spelling those sounds. We call these the 70 basic phonograms. Next the student hears the teacher say a word. She will start with some of the easiest to spell of the most frequently used words in the language. Without seeing the word, but with her guidance, he uses the sounds he knows to build the word from scratch. He then reads the word he has written. After developing a spelling vocabulary of 300 words, the student starts writing original sentences. Reading naturally follows. By giving the student the tools to read words at a glance, we prepare him to read sentences for meaning. This way reading is a pleasant experience, not torture. Basal readers with controlled vocabulary are unnecessary. The student can read from "living books" and topics of special interest. For many the first reader is the Bible. Some children can learn to read and spell no matter what a teacher does. This method can teach all learning types to read and spell. Spell to Write and Read is designed as a the overall step-by-step teacher's guide that accompanies the specific word list in WISE Guide. SWR covers preparation, our philosophy, pointers for preschoolers, reading aloud, evaluating achievement levels. and teaching penmanship with phonograms. It illustrates in scripted detail our spelling dictation process, covers instructions and examples for the teaching spelling rule reference pages, provides ideas for reading assignments, explains ways to improve comprehension skills, and teaches you how to help refine composition skills. Appendices include Wanda's Senate Hearing Speech on Literacy, the Diagnostic Spelling Scale, sample Reference Pages, a summary of keys to the language, detailed lesson plan ideas, a bibliography, glossary, and an index.


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